burundi single origin
Burundi Single Origin Coffees
Burundi Single Origin Coffees
Burundi Single Origin Coffees
Burundi Single Origin Coffees

Burundi Single Origin Coffees

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From Burundi,  the land that is shaped like a heart comes some of our best single origin coffee. 


Description: Burundi Single Origin, Arabica Coffee Beans

Country of Origin: Burundi

Harvest Period: March to June (depending on rainfall)

Washing Station: Kavugangoma, Mwakiro, Muyinga Province

Water: Gravity Water, Clean and Filtered Naturally

Fertiliser: Mostly Organic

Soil and Water Assessment: Very Low Emissions – Virtually Footprint Free

Varietal: Bourbon

Grade: 15+ (A, AA)

Moisture: 11 – 12%

Burundi has become one of the rising stars in single origin coffee over the past few years, producing some of the best quality single origin coffees the East Africa region has to offer.  Despite the ravaging effects of an armed conflict Burundi is also spoilt with an awesome climate, and excellent terroir for growing coffee.  Couple this with an intent ever-improving attitude towards harvesting progressively better coffee Burundi's 800 000 coffee growing families are certain of a bright future rather like the bright coffee they have become known for.

The heart shaped country has volcanic soil rich in nutrients such as nitrogen an holds water well which bodes well for the coffee trees as Burundi receives over 1200mm rainfall every year. Its elevations vary between 720 MASL and 2800 MASL and this allows for a myriad of different flavour profiles ranging from lighter fruity and honeyed nuances in the higher elevated, higher quality regions to darker and bolder chocolaty and nutty flavours from the lower elevations. 

Whatever your flavour preferences and roast profile likes Burundi single origin coffee is surely able to cater to it all.

As always, our bags weigh in at 275 grams so you have an extra cup of enjoyment so please enjoy your cuppa!!!