So where to begin this 'about us' page, I suppose it should start roundabout when I can remember finding my passion for coffee and that happened to be in the military. I did a four year stint in the German army which I thoroughly enjoyed but would not have made it without my regular dose of caffeine courtesy of the various mess facilities.  Suffice it to say, if an army marches on its stomach then coffee is it's lifeblood!  For a youngster having lived his entire life in the highly pleasurable climate of South Africa to be thrown into the business end of a winter intake basic training in Europe, to say that 'that' first cup of coffee in the morning while out in the forest on maneuvers enduring below zero temperatures was the most pleasurable thing I had for three months is certainly not an understatement.  I am sure many a military veteran can relate.  

 That is where I first discovered and learned to appreciate the joy and freedom that coffee can bring to people and also bind them together.  You see it wasn't just me that enjoyed that cup of coffee, almost EVERYBODY in the military that I knew loved and needed that cup of coffee.  Coffee helped us form a bond then and that is what I hope to do now!

When I got back from the military I never lost that passion for coffee because I associated it with freedom.  That 10 minutes that you have to yourself while you enjoy your coffee wherever it may be, those 10 minutes of caffeine freedom are yours and you should not compromise on them.  I started working odd jobs and one of them was as a land surveyor assistant with my best mate. I remember waking up one morning, in Port St Johns, it was still dark I had my coffee and was looking over the lights of the town onto the beach and thinking "this is bliss!" and took another sip of my cuppa.   

That is what I hope to give you with my coffee, freedom.  The feeling of freedom that I get when I have my coffee.  That blissful peacefulness that I experience when sipping a good single origin and enjoying everything life has to give. I hope I can give you that too with my coffee.

And is where my passion lives on, in East London, South Africa, my hometown.  This is where I have decided to bring to you the best single origin coffee's I can find and roast I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy bringing my passion to you

In the meantime, take things a little slower and embrace things in life that have a little more substance, like coffee!

Thank you