Burundi Single Origin Coffees

A Selection of our Burundi Single Origin Arabica Bean roasts sourced directly from the farmer and roasted to three different profiles so there's a roast for everyone's taste.

Description: Burundi Single Origin, Arabica Coffee Beans

Country of Origin: Burundi

Harvest Period: March to June (depending on rainfall)

Washing Station: Kavugangoma, Mwakiro, Muyinga Province

Water: Gravity Water, Clean and Filtered Naturally

Fertiliser: Mostly Organic

Soil and Water Assessment: Very Low Emissions – Virtually Footprint Free

Varietal: Bourbon

Grade: 15+ (A, AA)

Moisture: 11 – 12%

Please note that due to the cyclical and seasonal nature of coffee especially single origin coffees, as well as demand we cannot guarantee availability of all coffees all the time.  We can however guarantee that in the absence of one particular coffee there will be another one present.  Thus your need to expand your coffee horizons will always be fulfilled with us.