So this is my first ever blog post on my first ever blog...

I don't quite know where to start so I may as well start at the beginning.  Where did the idea to create this website come from?  It started about four years ago when I realised my love for coffee was starting to become an obession. I started buying beans instead of ground coffee. I started using a french press instead of a coffee machine.  I started using a grinder to explore the aromas and flavours of all the different beans I was buying! It was just a question of time before I searched for the 10 rarest and most expensive coffees and thought to myself I need to get that, only to find that they were only available overseas or you had to wait 30 days to receive your order.  I thought,  there's got to be a better way to do this, there has got to be a way to bring these coffees to South Africa at reasonable prices with short delivery times. if I could do this I might have a viable niche and an idea was born that I could bring to life. I also  needed something new in my life, a challenge!

So I started mulling around with the idea of starting an E-commerce roastery. For some reason I kept putting it off, making excuses to get to it some other day.  Telling myself that its impossible. Any excuse to put a stumbling block in my own path.   It wasn't until I realised that the best and only way to get something done is to "Just do It".  So here I am, "doing it".  Piece by piece, step by step its coming together.  Most of my time is taken up by research.  Researching website design, digital marketing, coffee, coffees, coffee beans, estates, plantations and most of all people.  What do I think people want vs what they actually want, what do I think people need vs what they actually need, how much are they willing to pay for it, how long are they willing to wait for it. how do I tie it all together, put it in a wrapper and get it out there.

So here it is, Made by me for us, the connoisseurs, the coffee snobs, the indulgers, the night owls and the dawn patrollers and the way you live.  I hope you like it

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