Good coffee should be for everyone!

Good coffee should be for everyone! 

When I got a little more serious about coffee, it seemed to me that there was this formidable obstacle of learning how to appreciate good coffee and a underlying fear of not being able to appreciate it the way it is meant to be appreciated and also a fear and apprehension of not belonging to the "elite" of the third wave coffee movement. I somehow, subconsciously kept trying to convince myself that I could never truly appreciate coffee There were these highly skilled barista's and roasters who spoke of single origins and high quality blends, and floral flavour notes and hints of honey and roast profiles and and and! As I delved a bit deeper into coffees eventually I would move from instant, to ordinary off the shelf dark roast filter coffee to whole beans and eventually to my first cup of self roasted single origin coffee from which I will never look back. Along the way I also Learned to appreciate the intricacies of  individual coffees and flavour nuances.  On the same journey I also learned not to be intimidated by the imaginary elite divide societies create and that so often stops people from generally moving forward and conquering something.  This is something I feel we all as humans need to do more often. We shouldnt be creating barriers we should be tearing them down!

One day I offered some of that freshly roasted single origin Burundi to a friend of mine fully expecting it to blow her mind as much as it did mine. Nope, it tastes like tea I was told. WHHHAAATTT!!!  I couldn't believe it, my coffee tastes like tea, what an insult!  I kept my mouth shut and took it like a man, but it got me to thinking I had just put myself into that elite upper echelon of coffee-snobbery and I also realised that she had never had high quality single origin coffee before.  She grew up on instant and then moved up to a dessert coffee she could not possibly have known what good quality LOT Nr: 2724 group IV, specialty grade fully washed single origin Burundian coffee SHOULD taste like. and in that word "SHOULD" lies the kicker!  What SHOULD coffee taste like.  What coffee SHOULD  taste like is not nearly as important as how YOU think it tastes and how YOU like your coffee to taste and that can only be answered by the individual and that is because your taste in coffee as well as everything else that you do in life is an extension of your individuality, its what makes you, you!  nobody should be able to tell you that you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to coffee simply because you cant pick up the hint of blueberry in your light roasted cup of Kona extra fancy.  The only question that really matters is do YOU enjoy it or not! Remember that.

Dont be afraid of the elite divide, and go and enjoy your cuppa!

See you soon...

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